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Dear Jim,

Actually i am in the filed of power quality, and visit industries to do harmonic analysis.

I have some questions in my mind that i want to ask you,

1. Reason for selecting 189Hz detuning frequency, for the detuned filters??
2. If the particular industriy is having total current harmonics of say 25% ithd (without capacitors), customer used to ask me what will be the possible reduction of harmonic with detuned or tuned filter.

Is there any formulae or Matlab simulation software available to calculate this % reduction in iTHD, 5th , 7th ,11th level after connecting passive filters.

If you could help me, i will be very glad. By this i can commit customer that after connecting passive filters harmonic levels will come down to below 5-6% as per IEEE norms. I know there are verious factor involve in this to calculate exact reduction.

You are requested to guide me.