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Alen Matanovic

Jennifer said:


Thanks again. No, I haven't heard of those sites before today. I tried some of them without success. I was looking for a book entitled 'Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering' by Colin Bayliss (3rd edition). The first link you gave me, well, when I went to it, but had a little bit of trouble because after I translated the site to english, not all of it translated. I did try some of the downloads for the book, but they wouldn't work for me. I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas or other sources?

In any case, I appreciate your time and help.



I can't believe You didn't make it,, I've just downloaded Your book in 5 seconds :).. Here's the link: [Link removed by moderator team]

I'm not sure what You have had to translate,, this web site is in english, maybe not completelly, but most is..

Please,, if You need some further help about “downolading” contact me over my email, to stop posting offtopic here ;).. (click litle “person in circle” icon on the left by my name, it's called “view user profile”,, and there You'll find my adress)

Thanks for understanding,, Alen..


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