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    Delta winding grounding with Zig Zag Transformer.

    what is Zig Zag Transformer??

    what is the advantages??

    how it will connect with delta windingof the main transformer.


    In delta zig-zag connection the primary is connected in delta.Each secondary winding is made in two halves such as a1-a2,b1-b2,c1-c2 and the six halves are then connected to form a zig zag connection.A1,a1,a2 are of same polarity and similarly for other phases.If the voltage of each half of the transformer secondary is V1/2,the pjase voltage of the secondary system is (sqrt(3)/2)*V2 and the line voltage is 3/2*V2. Thus in delta zig zag connection the line voltage transformation ration is 1.5 times the phase turn-ratio is 3/2 times line transformation ratio.

    A zig-zag transformer is a special form of autotransformer used to provide grounding (earthing) on three-phase systems that otherwise have no connection to ground . It has primary windings but no secondary winding.They provides a path for current that is common to all three phases.Another application includes control of harmonic currents


    I would say that a zig-zag transformer is used to derive a neutral from a delta sytem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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