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    new movement that has gained popularity over European countries is
    named Zero Waste movement that aims beyond recycling to reduce waste.
    As it is explained by its leaders Zero waste is a design principle
    writ large, whereby products are conceived, produces, packaged,
    distributed and retired with their long term environmental impacts in
    mind. Most of the people are not aware of the program at large and
    therefore GRRN, the non profit organization (Grass Roots Recycling
    Network) says that Zero waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste,
    reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused,
    repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace. As it is
    suggested by GRRN it is really sad that none of the companies are
    ready to ready to take responsibility for the entire life cycle of
    their products and packaging. Also, they are disappointed of the fact
    the even the governments are not subsidizing non-recyclable waste
    processing. According to experts who give advice on recycling, the
    basic problem begins with the
    product design

    waste is the result of bad design. Their opinion in this matter is
    that the concept of zero waste leads upstream to the designer’s
    desk, where waste needs to be designed out. The leaders who spread
    the principles of zero waste put forward four basic principles of
    achieving zero waste. As the first step they suggest that rules
    should be made so that the producers become responsible for the waste
    created by their products. Secondly, the designers should invest in
    infrastructure rather than in more landfills and incinerators.



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