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    Hi, to all technically skilled here.


    due to some anomaly, my stabilizer (fridge), Dish set top box & UPS(desktop) have no output but only input – when connected to the power supply, for the last few days.


    with the back up remaining in the Ups the connected the stabilizer (fridge) works juts fine- meaning both lights turn on.

    power to the Ups is alive too – the surge protection socket of ups supplies power, just my new battery does not turn green & hence no power through battery back up sockets of Ups.


    i had the power supply guys come & check,  reply :  tube light & the remaining stuff working fine, & there is power supply till the meter box, meaning nothing wrong from our end, get an electrician.


    tried that as well. electricians around here come with a bulb with 2 wires & check every socket , not with a meter to check voltage, “nothing wrong here” they say.

    i got next to zero knowledge about electrical stuff.


    any help will be much appreciated.



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