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    Dear Friends,

    Please help me in the below matter for selecting the Rated operational voltage for our 2500A Low Voltage Panel for ASTA Type Testing.

    All the other parameters are as follows, We planned to give Ue as 690V as per the Breaker manufacturer standard. But when we checked with different Type Test certificate we came to know that almost all selected Ue as 415V.

    Hope any of our friends can help me in this. Expecting your kind support.

    voltage: Un =     (+10%  to 
    -15%) 415V  

     Rated operational voltage: Ue =  ?

    Rated insulation voltage: Ui

    Rated impulse withstand
    voltage: Uimp =  8KV      

    Rated current: InA =  2500A

    Number of outgoings:   6Nos

    Rated current of
    outgoing circuits: Inc =  
    500A, 320A, 200A, 125A, 80A 

    Spir Georges GHALI

    Dear ;


    As we know all that according to the Standard ” IEC 61439-1 ” ( and also the old version ” IEC 60439-1 ” ) the Assembly Manufacturer is responsible to declare the value of ” Ue ” that should be combined with the rated current for correct functioning of the main and auxiliary circuits.


    I think in your case, it will be better to ask the Assembly Manufacturer about the reason for this low value.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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