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    From the first expressway in China has put into operation, highway electrical and mechanical systems are subjected to varying degrees against lightning. Some are part of the equipment damaged by lightning strike, the system loss of some functions; severe paralysis of the whole system, and economic losses; because the system frequently subjected to lightning interference, the system can not function properly, all the system functions lost, to the traffic safety Tremendous risk. Highway system is characterized by mechanical and electrical points, a broad area, length, both high power equipment, there are a lot of monitoring, communication, sensing and other weaknesses equipment, field equipment throughout the whole section of the wilderness areas tend to have prominent device point , often over the mountains to power lines, transmission and control circuits are often complex and often through the geological level, these are prone to lightning or lightning induced weak points. At the same time, mechanical and electrical design and construction of the highway the electric and electronic systems in the mine issue has been neglected, grounding requirements are not uniform, weak systems of ground handling easier. For these reasons, the highway electrical and mechanical systems are relatively weak link in the mine more, so vulnerable to lightning damage, lightning damage, and in particular the counter lightning damage. Mechanical and electrical systems to eliminate highway damage by lightning, both from technical and management aspects, the use of advanced lightning protection equipment, coupled with strict and reasonable measures for project construction and operation, mechanical and electrical systems in order to minimize lightning damage until the elimination. In highway construction, we should consider various factors, the importance of the system to determine the optimal mine plan.

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