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    Mohamed Fajeri

    Hello everybody,

    Allow me to wish you, happy New Year, many of sucked, good health and a lot of money cheers.

    I installed a departure with protection circuit breaker of 1250A / 7500V, which feeds an Motor with 5030KW / 5500V.

    On the same cable which is connected since this departure towards the engine, I fed BASIC SALARY batteries of compensation of 1050KVAR.

    Thus the batteries of compensation and the engine are in parallel lines.

    The engine starts via a starter, counterparts 30s to have the full power of slowness.

    The batteries of compensation are equipped by fuses in percution.

    Exposed problem:

    – During the starting up of the engine via the starter, the fuses of batteries(drum kits) explodes and even the insulator which maintains the brass beach of connection of cable and fuse breaks itself.


    How do you explain this phenomenon?

    Thank you in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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