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    I recently purchased an after market set of headlights for my 2001 Durango and it only has a place to put one of the turn signal bulbs. That’s not that a deal.. I just tucked the other one neatly behind and taped up the harness, but the signal flashes at double the speed without the resistance of a bulb in the socket, so my question is, what could I use in place of a bulb that would have the same electrical behavior and properties as a bulb? I thought maybe a resistor, but the resistor shorted to open within a few seconds of operating the turn signal. It could be the the resistance was too low.. I only used a 10 ohm resistor, but I don’t think a bulb acts the same as a resistor as I believe that under load it’s impedance increases significantly. If a resistor is the answer, would anyone have an idea what resistance it would need to be to properly substitute for a 12v DC signal bulb?

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