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    Hi everyone could any one help me to have a methodology of installation of substation.tnx


    First of all there should be a consultant who has prepared specifications,drawings,BOQ etc

    There should be a contract and programme of work approved by consultant

    Shop drawings should be approved.

    Check material according to specifications and BOQ,submit samples for approval

    Start installation in the presence of consultant

    Then lay cables and connect as per drawing

    If you notice any discrepancies in the drawing report to consultant and get amended

    Let consultant do a visual inspection and clear any remarks

    Afterwards test(primary/secondary) injection for relays,oil,CB,battery,alarms,earth etc in the presence of consultant

    After test results were approved by consultant you may energise section by section



    i want to add an important point in addition to the already posted ones. Getting approval from the competant authority is very vital. Clearances from physical conditions is a big factor to carry out the project.


    There is a very good publication : “Guide to Rural Substation Design” Just google it.

    NV Mani

    Major steps are listed below:
    A. Design aspects
    (1)Conforming standards,regulations for design are to be identified.
    (2)Arriving at Power demand:plan to import from grid/plan as captive generation
    (3)Service connection: High – Medium – Low Voltage levels.
    (4)Single line diagram of distribution,schematics,Protection and metering.
    (5)Safety and fire protection systems,Lighting,Earthing,Lightning protection.
    (6)Technical specifications and engineering for equipment procurement and installation.
    (7)location of substation,equipment and cable layouts.
    (8)Obtaining statutory approvals and clearances in writing for commencement of work.

    B.Construction and commissioning aspects
    (1) Engage competent consultant for design,engineering,construction,testing and commissioning.
    (2) Preparation of comprehensive tender document,specifying detailed construction standards.
    (3) Awarding construction contract to licensed and competent electrical contractor.
    (4) Release of all construction drawings.
    (4) Ensure strict compliance with quality and safety in work through continuous site supervision.
    (5) Test all installations and conform fitness for commissioning through certified test reports.
    (6) Obtain statutory approvals and clearances in writing for energising electrical systems.
    (7) Ensure all documentation,guarantee runs,training of maintenance and operation staff before making
    final payment to contractors,consultant and equipment suppliers.
    The documentation should include “as built” drawings.
    (8) The spare parts for 2 years trouble free operation shall be kept in stock.

    Wherever,in house capabilities are limited (only on such areas),AMCs shall be finalised for regular maintenance and repairs.

    I might have missed some points which may be added as needed.

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