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    Aquib Mannan


          i have a 3 phase transformer of 22kv it is about 2yrs old it work properly till now .But in this time there is a problem in this if we give 3 phase input to the transformer than there is electrical break down occurs in the transformer i have already changed the transformer oil but there is no any effect. And in all time when input is given to the transformer all phases stop working.

                                                                                        please give idea about this problem .can it be removed?


    Possibly there may be a rapid reduction in the resistance of an electrical insulator (windings) causing uneven field stress.This is completely correctable and you should consult a expert in the field of Transformers.


    There may be problem in any one of the stud of the Three Phase.  Check the thermometer for temperature rise and mostly the problem may be related to resistance of the windings i.e the insulation strength might have gone. Perform meagre test and analyse the result. You may find a solution.


    I want to know about single phase 220v and three phase 220v?

    I have step up transformer and its primary voltage is single phase 220VAC and secondary voltage is three phase 380 VAC but there avalaible power 220VAC  three phase so i want ask that can i connect the power 220VAC three phase on primary side of transformer it is possible or not and how many wire connect on primary side i mean i will use three wire or two wire?

    Can i connect the single phase 220VAC in place of 3 Phase 220VAC both voltage are same or not?


    Please give me the answer as soon as possible,,,,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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