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    I'm Khaliil and i'm engineering student. I'm doing this project called
    Shake flashlight which is using Faraday's Law. I know the basic idea and
    how it works but i want to add some modification to slow down the drain
    of the capacitor to allow the LED to light more time…I have an idea but
    i don’t know to apply it, so can you help me with this please.

    My question is:

    How can I add a voltage sensor which can measure the voltage of the
    capacitor and than resets the resistor automatically which is connected
    2V LED?


    I want to keep the LED 2Volts when the capacitor is fully (I’m using
    super-capacitor 16v) charged and I’m using resistor to protect the LED.
    when the capacitor reaches 5V i want the resistor to be 4-3ohm's and
    maintain the LED 2V(fully bright) but the capacitor reaches 3V, i want
    the LED to be like 1.6V(start getting dim and dimmer till its full OFF)

    i can show you the circuit diagram if you want it…

    I would real appreciate your help.

    With Regards,


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