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    European Robotics (Robot) League (ERL)

    On 23 April 2011

    the first European Robotics Contest will take place in Michelsen Arena of LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Its objective is to select the best European teams of robots and individual constructors in 5 categories.

    In 2008 robot instructors from Klaipeda, Riga and Tallinn united by the common hobby to construct sumo robots decided to establish a regional platform 'Baltic Robot Sumo' where Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian robot instructors would compete during annual contests and constantly improve their robots. During four years the number of participants increased ten times, Baltic Robot Sumo teams became famous and robots of Klaipėda were acknowledged as some of the best in Europe.

    Friendliness, openness and creativeness are the main values why robot fans are happy to come to Baltic States. A large number of participants and visitors, genial engineering solutions, original robot contests allowed gathering a group of 80 active robot engineers that is constantly expanding and improving.

    On 23 April 2011, Baltic Robot Sumo initiative invites all enthusiasts to unite and create a common European Robotics League. It will be the only European Robot League, which will unite teams of the old continent and individual instructors in order to be able to improve and compete according to the global (international) rules. Only competing with the best one can become the best!

    Our event attempts to make robotics contest open, interesting and useful to everyone. The first European League Contest is:

    * one of the biggest European Robotics Contests where more than 200 robots are expected;

    * 4 most popular categories of robots (standard sumo, mini sumo, line follower, rumbo sumo);

    * global standards and rules not requiring additional costs and time for robot preparation;

    * comfortable infrastructure for competing and recreation;

    The best robots in Europe, prizes sponsored by robotics companies well known around the world, a guest from Japan, hundreds of visitors – all this will take place on 23 April in Klaipeda, during the first contest of the European Robotics League.

    More information at:


    Over 100 participants have already registered their robots. Only 6 days left to the event, so hurry up and register yours at

    You can find further information on BRS facebook page at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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