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    Patexia is running a prior art search contest in mixed-mode interaction with a $1000 prize. The contest involves finding sources describing a similar technique to – but published before – a patent a system which interacts with wireless devices using either verbal or non-verbal input and either verbal or non-verbal output.

    You can see more about the contest and the system here:

    We’re also offering a $500 prize for referring the winner through our site, so feel free to invite your colleagues if you know the right person.

    The system also uses location information from the wireless device and provides the user with a menu of options so the system can obtain more information about the user’s request. Input from the mobile device can be either spoken or non-verbal. For example this input could be vocal commands, other spoken sounds, or input using a keypad or other tactile input method. Importantly, additional information about the geographical location of the mobile device must accompany this input. The system uses the input and geographical location information from the mobile device to retrieve information in response to the input. The system then returns a response either verbally or non-verbally, including a menu of selections from which the mobile user selects to obtain more specific information.

    If you feel this is inappropriate for this forum, let me know and I will take it down.

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