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    When you are sick of filling your mail address and password, invest 29€, it’s worth it !   It’s now 1 month that i have tried it  and i would not go without it ; let me explain …

    [caption id="attachment_609" align="aligncenter" width="196" caption="this advertising picture explains well how i felt before ..."]i like the picture that explain [/caption]

    In your day to day work, you may have to reach various web sites  intranet or internet where logging is mandatory ! each time you have to remember and type the ad hoc codes and information and if you have lost it, you are in a little trouble : need to re initiate the password or to request a new one to your system administrator … Only a little trouble ? not only because when you make the sum of many little troubles, it becomes a small trouble + a big stress.
    are you interested ? do not quit reading

    At home, it is also a little miracle, to reach  your bank account, your wanadoo acount, etc

    My “bouche à oreille” showed me ROBOFORM tool .I am sure they are many others on the market but i trusted the experience of my collegue and  i tried this one : it’s not too complicated and it works well for a licence of approx. 20€ (2 pers.) or 30€

    to help you, do follow : step1, step2, step3

    1. go to Roboform site
    2. download free of charge the soft on your PC for a trial limited to 10 of your sites ; of course you can also purchase the licence
    3. you will discover that each time you put your logging info at each of your site the first time, the soft ask you to register it and to store it properly ; you will protect all these loggings by only one that you choose much easier to remember of course.

    I beleive it is also a good tool for fighting bureaucratie when you are in a big company as i am.
    someone told me recently that this feature is available totally free on Mozilla ? i have not checked

    Francois B.


    it is fully explained if you go to ROBOFORM site, the security & cryptage function are explained and i trust it ; of course it’s up to you …
    but i would not register my secret bank code in it


    Nice tips
    I hope that will help me to save time
    Any security or confidentiality issue with this system ?


    The forum is meant for electrical engineering discussion and not any PC password related tips.This is way off base.


    i agree this site is for electrical engineering discussions????

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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