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    I am the technical manager for the town hall of a French city.

    In his greetings, the mayor of my town announced that he wanted to install charging stations for electric vehicles in the city at the beginning of 2011.

    I think it's a great idea. I went with him to the Mayors Fair in Paris in November, and we saw lots of propositions from Legrand, Parkeon, DBT, Technolia, Schneider Electric.

    Now I need to build my project, and I am a bit lost.

    Do you know these solutions?

    Has anybody tested them?


    Hi Kate! Details Please indicate what function should fulfill this device?
    You need to put a clear purpose that you want. If you write it briefly manufacturers will do the rest (the project, calculation, number, etc.).

    Best Regards

    Ryabov Serhiy


    Hi Ryabov Serhiy,

    Thank you very much for your advice.

    In the city, we have 30 000 inhabitants and 15 000 cars. People mainly work out of town, and take the train to go to the bigger city 30km ahead. So we are thinking of installing 1 station with 2 terminals and 4 charging points on the car park of the train station. And we will install 1 terminal with 2 charging points in the car park in front of the city hall, where the market takes place.

    From the information we got during the fair, i have doubts on the electric architectures we need to put in place for those 2 stations? Some say we should have a dedicated panelboard , others taht the specific equipments for measurement or protection should be included in the existing switchboard? … And they are even other manufacturers that recommend that all the protection should be in the charging terminal and not in the switchboard? But I am not sure what is best to get an effective protection?

    How much I have correctly understood you it is a question about installations of an alternative electricity (solar batteries or wind generators). If it so that I suggest to make approximate account of expenditures:

     – In general all enumerated manufacturers are good, create the so-called preliminary project. Specify in it what there should be an approximate power (power can be counted up so what in the given place consumers use, for example street illumination lightings on the average have power from 500W to 1500 W., buildings etc. to count their amount and to combine (for example 10 lightings on 1000W it is equaled 10000W or 10кW)) what its purpose where recognise schedule it to mount,

    – After predesign send these data on different manufacturers (necessarily specify that it at present only preliminary data), specify that equipment cost (a cable, substation, the switching centre), a working costs (installations) and project cost (circuits, draughts, use specifications) is necessary to you

    – Count electric power expenditure at present, these plants (for which recognise schedule to mount a new electric equipment), take approximately the period for five years.

    – The obtained data compare, for example manufacturers I offer the first 

    The first (a total cost of the project) 100000$

    The second 125000$

    The third 150000$

    Electric power expenditures for five years for example 100000$

    Then it will be visible is to mount sense, how much it will be favourable.

    As you will see cost of manufacturers under what price offer.

    – After that when be defined with manufacturers, will send to the manufacturer the missive. The manufacturer should send the representative to you that it could make correct accounts and co-ordinate all your wishes. 

    Basically and all difficult is not present anything. Only it is necessary to try.

    Hello Serhiy,


    No, the project is not about alternative electricity source, but about implementing charging stations for Electric cars. In my country it's the new trend in transportation, to have electric cars, and we need to install infrastructures to charge the cars in the city.

    Do you have projects like this one in Ukraine?

    Is there soemone else who had to deal with a similar project?


    No, not yet in Ukraine, this direction is absent. And why should these stations do notmake a solarbatteries. Location of stations is one side, but the power theirs? If thesestations are very powerful, there may be problems with their connection. Solar panelscan be a good idea.


    You are right, we didn't think about the power supply. Once we have decided what we need for our installation, we should focus on that point.


    Is there anyone else who had the same type of project, installing charging stations for electric vehicles?


    During some research in the web, I saw this project in the USA

    Does anymone from the forum lives in the USA and know about those projects?


    There are many ways to kill a cat ! ! !

    1. How many electric cars are there in the town you are thinking of installing the chargers.

    2. Get the battery details.

    3. You can use the Mains or the Solar power to charge the battery.

    4. Is sunshine available through out the year?

    5. We can supply you solar powered battery chargers and save on the grid power.

    6. Interested? contact mizunsolar(at)ymail dotcom to discuss further.

    Best wishes,

    Mizun Group

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