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    This month in the community we have launched a survey about MV/LV transformer protection. We also published a blog article, about the US regulations regarding the protection of maintenance people, from the risks of Arc Flash named Arc Flash: are NFPA 70E and IEEE1584 dangerous? In the following article we will evoke some topics which have no answer in the forum and also introduce a member, Manh_hoa09 .

    The cheapest solution for MV/LV transformer protection

    In September the debate of the month was a question regarding the prices of solutions for MV/LV transformers. Participate in the survey by answering the following question:

    What is the cheapest solution for MV/LV transformer protection, when you consider the complete costs, after a significant number of years of operation?

    1.     MV circuit-breaker solution is cheaper

    2.     MV fuse solution is cheaper

    If this topic interests you, you can continue the debate in this forum discussion.

    Contribute to the forum!

    Some forum topics are not yet solved;  maybe you could help some members and find a solution to the following topics:

    Ahmadalsayed20 has a question about conduits and Andries.Steyn is looking for information about 50-core 1mm(sqr) PVC/SWA/PVC cable.

    Abhilash is searching for manufacturers for Encapsulated Busbar Systems and Vrvs is a student who has questions about a short circuit test on 3-phase power transformer. Kailash has begun a topic about phase sequence.

    Ritesh giri has questions about turbogenerator, one about power factor and another about rotor excitation. Sidhdhu asks us how he could  calculate the wavelength of 50hz electric supply.

    Pranavsharma would like to know the pros & cons of using electronic as well as electrical earthing for PLC RACK/Chasis.
    Frenchma1221 searches a method to get free energy and wonders too about the IEE standard regulation for nominal current.

    Thank you for helping them!

    Focus on a member

    Manh_hoa09 is an electrical engineer in the Ponovo Company in Vietnam. He supplies solutions for increasing power quality. He enjoys the engineering community because of the knowledge being shared. Some subjects which he can’t find answers to in a short time in books, he is able to receive answers  to very quickly from community members. He thinks the engineering community is very good for students and engineers. He often visits the forum in the evenings to ask other members about his questions and read  other member’s questions.
    Manh_hoa09 has been a member since October 2010 and he has started 4 topics in the forum.
    Would you like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org


    Discussing the the complete costs is always interesting to me.


    Its really a hot topic MV/LV transformer protection.I think every electronic field student should have knowledge about.Will join the debate.Doing B.Tech in electronics.


    • Hand bendable (no cutting required) to accommodate directional changes.

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