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    In this article we will talk again about the risks of short circuit arc flash evoked in this article, and give you some community news about the creation of a a new sharing area. Then we will mention some forum posts without answer, hoping you could help their authors and maybe find a solution. Finally we will meet another member of our community, Ahmadalsayed20.

    Short-circuit arc flash risks

    In the US, a regulation exists to protect maintenance people from the risks of short circuit arc flash: NFPA 70E and IEEE1584.

    But outside US, do you feel concerned today by short-ciruit arc flash risks?

    1. No

    2. Yes, for my customers

    3. Yes, for myself

    As to our knowledge there is no existing regulation outside US (UK, maybe?), we invite you to share your concerns (in comments to the article linked), as a designer, end-user, maintenance person…

    Community news

    To keep enhancing the sharing between our community members, we have just opened a new area to share Electrical Calculation tools between members. These are Electrical Calculation tools (Excel sheets…) developed by some of you, who agreed to share their tool with other members. Share your tool now and get access to other members tools!

    Contribute to the forum!

    In October, some problems evoked in the forum have not been solved; will you find them an answer?

    Vidhyut S. wants to know what are Basic Impulse Level (BIL) and Basic Switching impulse Level (BSL) and Rema S needs a solution to find a lighting protection system for its building.

    If you have some knowledge in soft starters maybe you could help Barry ?

    rafi201 has a question about reducing power and diesel consumption and masealtd about the effects of Automatic Voltage Regulator on electricity bills.

    Adoy wonders why does a core creates a power factor and how does it happens?

    Randolf needs information about cathodic protection calculation and surajnair needs help to design a transformer oil test set.

    Thank you for helping them!

    We also remind you that we opened a dedicated forum topic to discuss load shedding applications, products… there has been no discussions there yet, though the Load shedding guide was downloaded by >1500 people!! Your comments are really welcome to encourage us to create similar guides in the future!

    Focus on a member

    Ahmadalsayed20 graduated in 2009 as an Electrical Power and Control Engineer from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. Currently he is working in Saudi Oger (Saudi Arabia) as a technical Electrical Engineer, and at the same time he is following the site electrical works. He has been a member since 2011/09/10 and he has made 11 posts.

    Ahmadalsayed20 says he is interested in all the subjects concerning the design of electrical installations passing through all the stages from the load point toward the power supply point (cable sizing, protection, earthing systems, transformers, starters, motors, etc…)

    Regarding the community he says it is very useful for electrical engineers and for people who are searching for help in the electrical field, they can discuss their problems with experienced engineers and they can take their advice in any electrical issue.

    He participates in the forum because he likes to improve his knowledge about electrical design, and he thinks that a community like ours is fulfilling his ambitions and aspirations because he can obtain answers to its questions quickly which helps him very much in his work.

    Would you like to be introduced to the community? Do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@electrical-equipment.org


    How to change my login passward … kindly tell me


    I enjoyed reading related to short circuit arc flash.I will definitely join your forum section.
    thanks for all.


    With latest equipments i know they will make less these Short-circuit problems and also shocking occurring.Skilled engineers will reduce the problem sure.

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