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    Steven Mill

    Hi everybody, today I want to tell you about the miniaturization of electrical machines, a growing phenomenon. Hope you’ll like it.


    Being a 21st century homo sapiens, we may deny the significance of oxygen while suffocating but we can never deny the utility of science in life. The word has penetrated deep into our blood. No matter what we are suffering the resolution is “Science”.

    Whatever is the issue, if you can’t make proper round chapatti ask science to do it for you through bread maker, or if you don’t want your hands to be abrasive while evacuating the oil spots from used dishes turn to science and get yourself relished with the dishwasher. Science can’t be restricted to mere kitchen but to every part of our daily life.

    You are concerned about your growing tummy but still you feel lethargic enough to visit any park, get yourself acquainted with a scientific creature named “treadmill” or when one morning you’re given 7 minutes to reach your office against your suspension, seek help from Lamborghini Aventador whose 690 Nm (507 lbft) @ 5,500 RPM Displacement can only be your savior there.

    Miniaturization of electrical machines 1

    Growing trend of Miniaturization of electrical machines

    Though we left our footprints on moon but soon we found this world to be very much restricted for our ideas. Though we got ourselves at the apex of the scientific world but soon we realized that in our homes our qualms haven’t left any room for science to fit in.

    Problem aroused when we couldn’t leave either of them, neither our home nor science. Our pocket too left us in that critical moment so we couldn’t shift to some bigger house. We found ourselves helpless. But soon the solution of our problem was presented by the term “Miniature”.

    Though dictionary presented the word as “reduced in size” but we evolved its meaning as “reduced in size but far much increased in Aptitude” and when that word was emerged with science it got its proper place in our homes, moreover, miraculously it repelled our tensions away.

    Miniaturization of electrical machines 2

    Home circuitry and electrical systems

    Where we get that large plasma TV replaced from hair slim LED’s and slim to slimmest cell phone with high scientific thickness, large stove were transformed into mini microwave ovens. Ejecting stains from clothes were not less than catastrophe but thanks to washing Machines. Soon that Miniature became the sole brick of our relaxed life.

    The most significant part of our homes, we were suffering from high utility bills we applied the term “Miniature” there and with remarkable helping hand of this we were finally relieved from high bills. Automatic circuits with sensory traits used to turn in case of exploitation of electric or sewerage misuse. When we installed high tensions electric wires in our houses we got ourselves burdened up with the danger of setting whole house on fire but Miniature again helped us and Mini circuits’ breakers banished our fears.

    Mosquito banishing devices, when our souls were crippled by the fear of Dengue further reduced our fears by installing Fire alarms, intercoms instead of shouting to the full capacity of our lungs.

    Our business expanded like fire eating the newspaper away through LAN. We got ourselves connected to one another through telecom networks and with a single click of our laptops we were able to transform fates. We were somehow managed to control our lives through the miniature medical devices like sugar level indicators, blood pressure indicators and weighing machine.

    We managed to control our health and with no objection that credit too goes to the miniature of scientific devices and through this very miniature we became very much dependent on our own selves rather than to be burden on someone else.

    Steven Mill.


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