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    How much Power would a 18V “Power Over Ethernet Injector” consume per day in Electrical Units (i.e. kW-h) , if left on for 24 hours ?
    Please , kindly can you show the working ? This product has been manufactured by Telenet Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    The product’s .pdf file for the above product shows the following electrical specifications :

    Ethernet Connectors :- RJ45 Jacks (2)
    Ethernet Data Rate :- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    No. of Ethernet Devices that can be powered :- Single
    Data Lines :- Pair 1 : Pins 1/2
    Pair 2 : Pins 3/6
    Cat-5 Power (Poe) Pin Out (Spare Pair) :- +VDC: Pins 4/5
    – VDC Pins 7/8
    Operating Temperature :- 0 C to 50 C
    Max Ouput Power :- 30W
    Nominal Output Voltage :- 18V (Typical)
    Input – 205-255 VAC 50 Hz
    IEEE 802.3 af Compiant :- Not applicable

    The Adaptor that I am using along with this Injector has the following Details printed on it :

    AC/DC Adaptor
    Input – 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
    Output 18 Volt = DC 1.67 Amp

    I have been supplied the above Injector & Adaptor by “Tikona Digital Networks” to enable me to use their Wired Cable Broadband Connection on my p.c .

    They have dropped their Cable from the Terrace of the 9 Floor Building where I live, to my Flat , which is on 7th Floor .

    On the Cable that Tikona has provided , it is written as follows : “Duraconnect CAT -5e 4 Pair UTP 25 AWG UV Resistant PVC as per TIA/EIA 568 C.2 And IEC/ISO 11801” .

    This Cable connects to the “Power Over Ethernet Injector” & from the LAN socket of this injector , another cable (with same thing written) runs to my P.C. & gets connected to it .

    This is how I am able to use Tikona’s Cable Broadband connection .

    In case I am wrong in assessing which Injector I am using & in case , I am actually using Telenet’s 12V Injector , in that case , what would be the Power consumption per day (if left on for 24 hours) ? The specifications of this product are as follows :

    Maximum Output Power – 12W
    Nominal Output Voltage – 12V (Typical)
    Input – 205-255 VAC 50 Hz
    IEEE 802.3af Compliant – Not Applicable

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