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    How to maintain LED display
    1. Keeping stably the power supply voltage ,And make sure grounding protection is good.

    2. Do not use LED display in the bad natural conditions(for example:strong lighing day)

    3. Somethings are banned ,for examples: The water,conductive metal are prohibited into the the screen bcs of their iron powder .
    In the environment ,the LED display should stays in the low placed dust, as far as possible .
    if more dust , display will be affect , and the dust of circuit can cause damage too much at the same time .

    4. if the screen has water , please cut off electricity immediately and contact maintenancer, until the screen display board get into dry to use.

    5. Switch order of LED display :
    A: first open the control computer to normal ,second open the LED display.
    B: shut off the LED display, then shut down the computer.

    6.Wipe surface of the led display by alcohol , or using the brush, cleaner for dust removal, Do not wipe directly by wet cloth .

    7. Some advices that rest time of the LED display should greater than 2 hour every day, which use more than once in the rainy season a week .Finaly the time of opening screen, light 2 hours or more in General monthly at least .

    8. To check the led display is operation normal , the line is damaged or not , if don’t work ,you must change in time, the line have to repair or replace damaged in time.

    9. Don’t play long time in full white, and red, green, and blue all the bright screen, if not maybe cause too much electricity at lest , Bcs the power cord fever is too large,it is easy to make the LED lamp damage, then influence screen’s lifetime. Do not remove, joining together at screen body!

    10. The main controlling computer and related equipment of led display, should be placed in air conditioning, dust room, in order to ensure that the computer ventilation cooling and stable job.

    11. Internal line in the LED display, people banned touch, so as not to get an electric shock, or cause line damage; If it has problems, ask professional personage to repair.

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