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    • Background:

    I live in a place where submeters are used. There are 5 units (let's call them A1 to A5 units) each installed with submeters and then a main meter (let's call this M1) is connected. I am renting A1. He said that the main meter M1 is installed to read the total usage of the 5 units. Another group of 9 units (let's call them A6-14) also has another main meter (let's call this M2) connected to read the total usage of those 9 units. There are about 15 groups each installed with main meters.


    • My problem is that when the main bills arrive, the result just this last month is something like:

    M1 reading indicated in the electric bill: 400kWh

    Total usage of A1-A5 as read manually by the landlord: 270kWh

    Since I moved in, for the first two months, the differences between the readings were just about less than 40kWh. And for 3 months now, in my opinion, the difference is way too high.

    I understand that losses must be considered and so it's ok for me to have about 5% difference or something close to that but with regard to A1-A5, I feel that there is something wrong because I checked the bills for the other groups. For A6-A14, here the result is similar to this one which only shows about 10kwH difference:

     M2 reading indicated in the electric bill: 500kWh

    Total usage of A6-A14 as read manually by the landlord: 490kWh


    There are about 4 out of 15 groups with the same case as what is happening in A1-A5. As with the rest, the difference is not that high. My concern is that the higher the difference gets, the higher our individual bill becomes. However, the landlord just said that submeters don't read in the same way that the main meters do and we just have to accept it. Aren't they both meters and the other one was just called submeter because it was installed to read a subtotal usage? I just think that their purpose of using a submeter is defeated if some of them reads a kWh consumption differently as compared with others.


    Is what the landlord said true?  Or do you think that there is a problem like design problem, illegal or unknown connections, defective submeters or maybe even an incorrect reading on the main meter which needs some investigation? I would really appreciate it if someone would help me with this.



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    Thank You!




    It could very well be that power is being tapped upstream from the five submeters as you so call them and it's being used for something else. For instance hall and stairway lighting would not be charged to the tenants.

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