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    Dear Sir,


    How can i check factory actual load in kva,

    according to electricity meter maximum demand load showing 375 kva. but in actual AMP in meter showing 1100 amps.

    now i want to add some more load.


    We have Capacity – 1000 kva

    Load AMP – 700 to 1100 AMPS showing on meter phase to phase

    i want to check how much – kva using..?


    Mohan , i think the 375 u r , talking abou the H.T side and amps 1100 u r talking about in the  L/T side. Anyway it can be solved by the basic  power P=VI cos of Phi formula. calculate it from one side , either HT or LT side find the amps and do the basic math. voltage u , know it , p.f u know it then find the p value and u can conver it by th  basic formula and convert it in KVA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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