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    Tasos Kotaras



    I’m planning an electrical installation in a stone home. Unfortunately the local stone is so hard, that it is a burden to dig to pass the cables, let alone embed switches and powerpoints. I have considered using “exterior” (waterproof) switches but all I have looked aroud are ugly. I wonder how I can install the system without affecting the aesthetics too much. Any experience on this?


    hello there you would have several different surface mounting cableing and assessory options and with carefull planning and installation care and good workmanship you will achieve an electrical install that wont take from the stone work … also you can get wireless switches for all your lighting so you dont need to run from celing points to switches , this will save alot of cable runs down walls, the switch sends a remote siginal to light point ….colm [sparkey]


    well.I agree with the idea of Colm.In this situation,where you wanna maintain an aesthetic look of the architecture,dont forget the safety of the humans while installing electrical equipment;;;

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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