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    Good day

    I wonder if someone can assist me in an answer?

    We have recently installed and commissioned a 40 MW power plant to replace and old power plant that is old.

    The old power plant synch alternators runs anti clock wise. { Phase rotation } the new plant alternators run clock wise { Phase rotation } Now the OEM of the new plant change two phase Red / Blue to cater for the difference in phase rotation to get the out going system also to run anti clockwise.

    Problem now is when we want to electrically phase the two power plants in to connect the two ilands we cannot find a common phase to do the phasing. all phases are out of phase.

    I know that the frequency and voltages must be the dame but isnt there something to do with the vector shift.

    If some one with the knowledge or wisdom can help we will appreciate it


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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