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    Hi all, probably seems like a really odd forum for an art post, but I’m looking at setting up an installation for a production and need help!


    I’ve had this idea to create a series of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Essentially what would be ideal is:


    When someone touches a light bulb, it turns on and plays an audio clip simultaneously.


    What I have understood so far is…for a body to be the impetus for the reaction, there needs to be a grounding pad (correct terminology?) underneath them to complete the circuit.

    The completion of the circuit then triggers a midi-port to convert the touch into a binary code which plays audio through a computer.

    (this is based on a model I have seen where someone grabs two wires while standing on the grounding circuit to complete the circuit)

    The more difficult part I would assume is the lighting of the bulb and the audio happening simultaneously and it being set up in such a way that there is no risk to any participant. 

    I have no idea if this is possible…I do hope to see an electrical engineer, but just want to find out as much about the technicalities and possible applications of such a rig before seeing them so I can at least communicate as much as I can without either of us being lost in translation.


    I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help! Thanks in advance!!!!

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