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    The incremental heat rate “the heat rate” is the ratio of input 

    fuel to the corresponding output power

    From the incremental heat rate curve, the incremental fuel

    rate is deduced With F is the input fuel and P is the output 

    power The reciprocal of the incremental fuel rate is known as 

    the incremental efficiency

    To operate at the maximum fuel efficiency, the point of the

    minimum heat rate has to be defined 

    Multiplying the incremental fuel rate by the fuel cost, the

    incremental fuel cost is obtained in ($/MWh)


    The input fuel in (Btu/h) for a power plant with minimum and maximum power of 10 and 100 MW

    respectively is given by:

    F=(40+4*P + 0.012*P2)*106

    where P is the generated power in (MW). Plot the input 

    output curve of the plant. Calculate the heat rate and plot its

    curve against the output power.

    Assuming a fuel cost of 0.12*10-6 $/Btu, calculate

    the incremental fuel cost in $/MWh and plot its

    curve against the output power.

    The fuel is given as:

    F=(40+4*P + 0.012*P2)*106

    Also, the heat rate can be calculated from equation

    input fuel (Btu/h)

    output power (MW)

    Heat rate = The fuel cost as a function of the output power is:

    C=0.12*10-6 *F= 4.8 + 0.48*P + 0.0014*P2 ($/h)

    The incremental fuel cost is:

    Ifr = 0.48 + 0.0028*P ($/MWh)


    the problem of economic dispatch is serous especially in scenarios where the demand is far greater that supply because you do not have any optionm,thus may resort to load shedding or peak power shaving.also from the concept of peak and base load power stations,this is no longer true in the above scenario to my understanding because you can not apply energy the economics because with the current set up of electrcity price regulatuion the criterion become unfeasible.


    the economic dispatch problem and the variable load f=problems are infleunced by energy market,policy and legislation economics politics.

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