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    A drafter’s goal is to make a drawing as readable as a book to people trained in interpreting drawings. These people have different 
    backgrounds; they include designers, contractors, subcontractors, owners, vendors, lenders and others. Making drawings readable to members of these groups is facilitated by following industry 
    conventions and standards, the most common being the Uniform Drawing System (UDS) devised jointly by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). 

    However, these conventions can only be discussed at a general level, because each company has its own set of drafting standards. A protocol you learn in one office may be different in another. However, such protocols are never so different that you would not be able to infer what a differently-drafted label or symbol means as long as you 
    understand the label or symbol in the first place. 

    Sheet Identification

    The Uniform Drawing System (UDS) include what is called the sheet identification which be used to label Sheets and drawings in a manner that makes their content and referencing clear. 

    The sheet identification format is applicable to both manual and CAD drawing production. It is consistent, yet flexible enough for a wide 
    range of project scopes.

    The UDS sheet identification format depicted here has four components: 

    1-The discipline designator 
    2-The hyphen 
    3-The sheet type designator 
    4- The sheet sequence number 

    to read more, please follow the below link: 

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