DC: danger alert?

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    The war between pro-AC fans and pro-DC fans has been around forever; ever since the end of the 19th century in fact.
    Today, more than ever, the battle is raging! New technologies such as LED, cellphones, photovoltaic, and electric cars, are becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise we’re witnessing a new major turning point in this AC versus DC battle: the pro-DC (electronic device manufacturer) fans are stepping up to the fight against the pro-AC (electric device manufacturers) who are carrying the flag for AC – which differentiates high and low current.

    The quantity of videos and articles in favor of one or the other of these solutions is increasing and is about to tip the balance.

    On this point, the above video has caught the attention of the EEC team.

    ac vs dc

    All electricians are familiar with the theoretical characteristics of these two different currents, but in practice, not many people really visualize the impact of the “zero crossing” of the voltage, every 10 milliseconds by the sine wave in the AC distribution.

    For all that, could full-DC really be dangerous? What do you think about it? Are you rather pro-AC or pro-DC and why? What is the most viable solution? The most environmentally friendly? More generally, what’s your opinion on the War of Currents?

    We’re currently preparing a complete document about this top confrontation. Help us writing it if you have information about this topic. Each volunteer will receive this exclusive document for free!

    PLEASE DON’T ANSWER BELOW, click here to participate in the debate started in the blog comment section instead!
    ac vs dc


    it’s really a tough blow for me

    i am on 8th semester in university, majoring electrical eng. this far i have been checking all the topics from people journals and some papers but still didnt understand where i should begin this research from, so i try to seek help from you guys if you got some way out for my problems… please share…



    university of srwijaya

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