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    When you need a component (ex. SCR) with specific requirements (ex. 12amp max and less than 20mA gate trigger current) how do you go about finding the component? How do you know what’s out there for purchase in extremely small quantities (like just a few). This always becomes a problem when I am doing a project. I know what I need but I don’t know how or where to get it. I hope I have explained myself well and I hope there is someone that will read this and guide me in the right direction.


    Thanks in advance.


    The nature of my work is often the I need to deal with electronic components, but I very worry, some electronic components I can’t find, go to a lot of home electronics market has failed to find it, then I found that there are many on the Internet,Components such as this,HT1381, it is very hard to find, but I found it on the Internet, and very cheap, this makes me very happy.


    In Electronic and Electrical sector PCB(Printed Circuit Board) plays a important role. If you want to play with electronic circuit then collect best quality PCB from PCB manufacturer. Thanks Guys

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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