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    I hope that someone can explain this meter reading. I can not help but think there is a simple explantion, but at the moment I am drawing a blank.

    We had a 12KV substation go down last night. We thought that it was a Utility issue. The incoming meter is reading:

    V12- 5.4 KV
    V23- 0 KV
    V31- 5.4 KV

    But the Utiliy verified that there power is good to our main disconnect. We then found out that all three fuses of the main had blown. How to explain the meter reading?

    The meter PT’s are ahead of the main disconnect. The oneline indicates there are two PT fuses to the main bus. Could one of these fuses being blown explain the reading? The Utility guy said the mater is bad. I don’t know…

    There was a momentary Utility outtage last night. We have yet to find any damage. New fuses are on order. I would like to have some explantion for this meter reading before we reenergize.

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