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deliciousHow to better manage your bookmarks on your PC and benefit from the findings of others in areas that interest you? The answer is in “delicious”, an application that you download for free on the web.
I find this feature as a very powerful tool for technical & marketing research in our Engineering job ; it’s a way of putting in common individual findings
Delicious is a tool (there are others) to manage and share bookmarks

How it works?

You are using  links (sites, … even better, their specific pages) that you find interesting. Your objective is to easily be able to find these pages saved later. Therefore, each link is indexed using tags (keywords: the words that make sense for you) and these tags will be used to find “the” page link that you need. Some users combine even a small explanatory note for each link.

But what makes “delicious” interesting is that these lists of links are then available to others using “delicious.” Thus people with similar interests can view and share their best links.

tags1With “delicious”, you can identify other people interested in the same subject as you. Indeed, if a page has been recorded by several people, “delicious”  indicates it to you : figure on a blue background. Click on this link and you can view the links of other users who share same interests!

Very easily, you can add relevant users to your network (add to my network). You will create a network that will gives you access to new links in your field of interest.

You can also do a search from your tags or others, of all links that have chosen this tag (go to subscription)

How to use delicious ?

Install delicious
– Log on delicious
– Create your account (it’s easy and it’s free)
– Download the toolbar that gives you direct access to your favourite links : the “most visited” eg. …

Save a new bookmark
– By “Ctrl D”
– Modify “Title” pre-filled if it is not meaningful for you
– Add tags (keywords)
– Save

Easily find your favorites
delicious-bookmarks-sidebar1– By “Ctrl B” or select from delicious menu : “bookmarks sidebar”
– Click on the tag you want, the list of bookmarks appears.
– You can also access alphabetically, but when you have lots of favourites, it is the tag (key word) search which is the best approach.

In my case, I am a beginner ; finally it’s not so easy to explain ; I hope i have helped some of you ! your complementary explanations or questions are more than welcome !
Francois B.


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