PC tips : remember passwords

Are you fed up with filling your e-mail address & password to log into various web sites?

I was, until I started using a small software tool I found on another blog, and I have to tell you I couldn’t live without it anymore !

I’ve shown it to several panel builder colleagues in Ireland last week (Hi guys !), they all seemed really interested in such a tool, so I decided to add this tip here to share with them … and all of you !

This tool I use is called Roboform, I’m sure there are other equivalents but I tried this one and it suits me perfectly.

How does it work ?
Simple enough, once installed, it will save all login information for you under a kind of “favorite” menu added to your web browser, then next time you want to log into one of these sites, just select it in this list, type in your now unique password, Roboform will go to the right page and type in the logging information for you, and there you are in just a few seconds !!!

You can refer to the blog where I found the information, they explain a bit more about how to buy, install and use Roboform.

If you try it, come and add a comment here to share your good (or bad ?) experience with it !



    • it is fully explained if you go to ROBOFORM site, the security & cryptage function are explained and i trust it ; of course it’s up to you …
      anyway, I do not include my bank account access code.

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