The Pareto law

A good reminder thanks to Mr Vilfredo Pareto (Italian)
Business management, Engineering management,  Personal productivity

“To maximize your personal productivity, realize that of the many things you do during your day, only 20 percent really matter!  Identify and focus on those things. What do you do with those that are left over? Either delegate them or discontinue doing them.
Work Smart – identify your 20% now!”

“Use of the Pareto Principle or “Pareto Thinking” should become a way of life for you. Your ability to separate the essential from the nonessential will improve with practice, especially if that practice involves use of the actual data and not just “eye-balling” the situation. Once established, this approach becomes a normal reaction to solving problems. In time an experienced “Pareto thinker” can even make quick, accurate judgment calls without taking the time to get the data.”

I recommend to discover full article from Milke Holt’s site: The Pareto Principle or the 80:20 Rule

He is giving a little bit of history … who is Mr. Pareto? As well as further explanations and many examples of use and also a worksheet in order to improve his own efficiency

Francois B.

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