Sourcing of Design Solutions and Products for Engineers

Industrial Interface officially launches its new site that lets engineers instantly and anonymously share design application with dozens of relevant suppliers.  This allows engineers to quickly find multiple solutions for their designs and the right suppliers to provide them.

“The process is very similar to the interaction that an engineer has with salespeople at a trade show.  The difference is that the engineer need only explain his application once, and can distribute it to dozens of highly targeted suppliers, all over the world, almost instantly,” said Chris Powell, VP of Sales, co-founder, and former industrial sales engineer.

With the simplicity of sending a single email, helps engineers get multiple quotes, find alternative components or suppliers, and even find design solutions when they know little more than the problem they are trying to solve.

Sales people who have experience with similar projects, and sell exactly what an engineer needs, pay to contact the engineer.  This insures users of only receive productive and desired communication from suppliers.

As a former manufacturing engineer, I use to say, “Industrial salespeople have deep technical application experience with their products and know very quickly from an engineer’s project description if they have a solution.  If they don’t sell what the engineer needs, they usually know who does, and can instantly share the project with the right supplier, all within our website “

Every engineer has had trouble doing product sourcing at one time or another, and knows the process can take weeks and dozens of phone calls.

“ goes beyond simply sourcing parts, and actually lets engineers source solutions for their designs.  We’ve seen suppliers and engineers interacting minutes after projects have been posted to our site.  As we grow we expect engineers will be sourcing in real time. is always free for engineers to use and anyone can sign up and post a sourcing need in just a few minutes.

Design application sourcing

Design application sourcing

Example Posting
“I need flyback transformers with a high DC isolation strength (>10kV). These transformers have to operate at 200 kHz (Ferrite core) and have to be capable of delivering 2W power. I would like to buy these ‘off the shelf’ if possible, but will settle for a custom manufactured component. I just need a few to test initially, but will eventually require large volumes (>100).”  ~Industrial Engineer

T. Brian Jones

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