Photovoltaic systems contracting

This is an interesting experience of installing photovoltaic systems in France

photovoltaic systems - in Provence - South east of France -

photovoltaic systems – in Provence – South east of France –

The context:
The market for renewable energy and particularly the photovoltaic market has seen a very strong growth for several years in France. This sector has increased by 40% between 2007 and 2008 and 85% of the French people believe that the development of renewable energies must be a priority for the government.

The government has also responded to this expectation in 2006-2007 by implementing

  • a series of taxes: including 50% tax credit …
  • economics actions such as setting the purchase cost of Electricity by EdF at 0.55 € / kWh.
  • in 2008 “Le Grenelle de l’Environment” a major forum in order to boost all type of actions on a State level.

Coming from the European Council, there is of course also the 2020 target of pushing to 20% the share of renewable energies in total energy consumption in European countries.

France hopes to catch up compared to other European countries, and all particularly the PACA region (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, south east of France), which is deficient in electricity generation. This explains why the PACA Regional Council supports  all local initiatives through its AGIR program.
The French people are now ready to commit to the environment. A poll conducted by Ipsos December 2007, on behalf of Interclima and Le Moniteur, shows that 79% of them are willing to invest in this area (Interclima + elec – News – 05/02/2008).
In this context, the last obstacle to a commitment by individuals and local communities, for the realization of photovoltaic systems is the high cost of equipment and a payback on investment too long. The objective of this interesting contracting experience is precisely to offer a 30% lower than the competition and thereby achieve a payback on investment of less than five years.

This contracting company strategy is based on 3 strong axes:

  • work on costs by bundle orders
  • reduced margin on photovoltaic systems and electrical equipment
  • share installation work between our clients & us. (solidarity economy)

If you wish to know more about this experience, you can read the 3 articles in French: Installations photovoltaiques

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    • This company is located in France and if you wish to work in this company, do leave a message / comment in french on the original article installations-photovoltaiques

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