Amazing Single Molecule LEDs

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With the world embarked on a journey to continuous advancements, researchers and scientists around the globe are equally braced up to cater the needs of latest technological expeditions. Through continuous effort, development and research, it has become the manifesto of almost every physicist to bring latest technology in the most portable and conveniently used form to the general population.

Development of amazing single molecule LED’s are a part of the same facilitative project.

What is a LED?

A LED is basically a semiconductor designed in such a way that it has two leads. The distinguishing feature that makes LED stand out from other technically designed semi-conductors is the fact that it emits light. This explains why LEDs are called as light- emitting diodes.

It is also worth mentioning that diodes are specialized electronic components devised in which one lead is anode while the other is known as cathode. Anode serves as the positive terminal whereas cathode is the negative terminal to the diode.

Amazing Single Molecule LEDs

How does a LED works?

Working of LED is of great interest. These diodes are deigned in such a way that when electric voltage is applied to them light is emitted. Once the voltage has been applied, energy is released in the form of photons. Light color we see are usually corresponding to the photon energy. This whole process in Physics is known as ‘electroluminescence’.

LEDs come in different forms and colors and are usually manufactured in such a way that semiconductors are placed in diffused cases.

Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 2

Development of amazing single molecule LEDs

Almost every physicist linked to the domain electrical technology is keenly interested in creating such a technology that could be shrunk to the smallest size and is yet deemed useable. Researchers and engineers obsessed with the phenomenon of light are also no way behind in this concept and have come up with the development of such light emitting diodes (LED) that are based on a single molecule.

Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 3

Dedicated team of scientists at University of Strasbourg, France has succeeded in making a single molecule LED. These scientist have made use of a polythiophene wire to construct a relatively new and productive model for LED:

Polythiophene is an incredible conductor of electricity and is currently being used in the making of LEDs already available in the market. Experiment devised for making single molecule LED comprised of a tunneling microscope, polythiophene wire and a gold surface. One end of the wire was attached to the microscope while the other end was tied with a golden surface. When current was passed through the wire, polythiophene wire acted as a diode and emitted light.

Along with this, another important finding of the study was that light emitted only when current was passed in a direction from microscope to gold surface. Researches and further experimentation are underway to validate these finding and bring about a permanent and stable single molecule LED.

Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 4

Advantages of LEDs

One of the basic advantages of LEDs include the fact that they can be built very small. This ensures the fact that a point light source could be easily obtained. Being available in different colors ensure the fact they LEDs could be used for a wide variety of purposes and in a wide variety of settings.

Moreover, they are flexible and bendable which ensures their easy installment in every place. Organic LEDs have also been developed that makes them environment friendly by making best use of organic products in manufacturing them. LEDs are energy efficient and less costly.

Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 5

Application of LEDs in daily life

Regardless of their tiny structure, LEDs can be deemed heart of all machinery. They have wide-ranging implications, some of which are as follows:

  • Wires and Decorative purposes: Greatest aspect of working with LEDs involve their dramatically adjusting abilities in almost every location. Let it be in the form of a light tape or light strips, LEDs have been used and still continue to be the best product used on commercial level to depict decorative states.

  • Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 6

  • LED virtual sky: LEDs have replaced the conventional incandescent mode of lightening. Today, most of the high profile hotels, venues and other commercial settings make use of the LED virtual sky. These LED virtual panels have not just replaced the conventional ceiling but have also added to a great deal of professional environment.

  • Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 7

  • LED wallpaper: With the development of amazing single molecule LED, now it has become easy to move ahead of conventional wall paints. Achieving appealing yet extremely graceful wall that changes color in form of myriads has been rendered possible by LED’s. Soothing glow and luminous wall are indeed a wonderful novel addition to the application of LEDs.

Amazing Single Molecule LEDs 8


LEDs are indeed a very productive and well-arranged form of semiconductors. Experiments done with making these devices more useful are highly commendable. However, researchers should improvise their research in such a way that along with being of maximum benefit to mankind, it is affordable as well.

What do you think of LEDs? Give me your impressions!

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