Measure to Conserve Power and Energy

Measure To Conserve Power and Energy 1

The cost of power and energy is increasing day by day. Apart from that it also does not harm to control the excess use or in other words waste of power and energy as there are still many in this so-progressed world who are deprived of these luxuries. So why not use the power and energy smartly so that others and the upcoming generations can benefit from these things too?

Before saying to anybody else we ourselves should look around us whether we in our homes and keeping track of power and energy consumption or not. If everyone starts with their home then there will hardly be left anyone outside to teach or tell this to.

Below are being mentioned some measures which should be observed in order to consume power and energy wisely.

Consumption of Power and Energy

Measure To Conserve Power and Energy 2

A most common mistake made by us all is that we leave the appliance on throughout the day even when they are not in use. Like if we watched television it will remain on standby whole day although no one is watching it. Same is the scenario with the microwave ovens.

In standby condition the appliances consume up to 40% of energy depending on the power of the appliance. A heavy duty appliance will automatically take more energy than a low duty one. So it is always advisable to keep the appliances which are not in use in off mode. This will be an advisable step towards saving energy & power.

Location of Appliance

The location of the appliance in use also plays an important role in energy and power consumption. If a fridge or freezer is present in a closed area then it will generate more heat and so more energy will be produced. In order to cool the thermostat more power would be required. This extra energy could be saved by keeping the fridge or freezer in a somewhat open area so that less is the chances of extra energy production and power consumption.

Heat preservation

In cold weather it is always advised to keep the windows closed and not to open them during the day for more than a few hours. By following these measures the cold air flowing will lower the temperature causing the heat to escape. This process will consume greater energy and power to get the place warm again and if it is done daily then the situation may get slightly difficult.

Application of Double Glazing

Mostly the home windows are single glazed. This leads to a constant release of heat and energy from the windows. This should be prevented to conserve the heat within the house. For this purpose double glazed windows are employed which provide better insulation against the energy lost. By application of these double glazed windows a total of 70% of energy being lost every day can be saved and employed elsewhere.

Proper Insulation

If the house is not properly insulated then again there are chances of loss of energy. The option of house energy audit is available which allows the people to get there house checked for points where there might be poor insulation so that area could be covered and the heat could be conserved within the house so less energy and power is employed to warm the house. Proper insulation method and material can save up to 25 % of energy and power.

Efficient Use of Appliances

While you are using dishwasher and washing machines etc., make sure that you plan your timings for both the jobs in such a manner that maximum number of clothes or plates could be washed in one go. There is no point putting on the appliances for a few items. Efficient use in this manner can also help to save a great amount of energy and power.

Cleaning the appliances from time to time is also a way to conserve the energy and power being utilized. What happens is that if the filters of the air conditioner are blocked then greater energy and force will be required to keep up. On the other hand a clean appliance would run faster and smoother than he others.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Hundreds of people are seen in the market everyday shopping buying one thing or the other. What do they do with the bags they are carrying? A forthright response to this question would be that they dump them.

However re-cycling them could be a more lucrative approach to save the shopping bags. This is so because if we dump or dispose of the waste without any check and balance then there are chances that they emit greenhouse gases which are harmful or living brings. Greater the amount of greenhouse gases greater will be the energy required to set the temperature.


Thermostats are a very effective way to control the use of energy. Through the use of thermostats we can ensure that the air conditioner or heater whatever in use turns off automatically when not in use. In summers raising the thermostat by two fold is always a pragmatic approach. Reverse can be applied during the winter season on the heaters.

Hope the information provided above will help you with the efficient use of power and energy so that maximum energy and power can be saved from being wasted. Any other suggestions?

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  • I will probably check my HVAC system at home. Something is not right at my house this time. My A/C is broken and my water heater is 3 years old now. I’ll try to fix them and of coarse I will manage well to save more money to my high bills.

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