My office: a 100% intelligent building !

Hello, my name is Steve, I am the owner of a small company of 95 people. Since 1 year we have built a new office building fully automated: it’s great! I mean, both the working comfort and energy efficiency issues.

Intelligent building : 100% building controls

Since our work in December 2008, we discovered the ease of use of everything that affects particularly the lighting and heating, in 1 word: Genial!

My partner in charge of management / purchasing recently confirmed for the year 2009, a decrease in our electric costs by 25%.

The change was complete: no more light switches to turn “on” or “off”, no more thermostats, no remote control shutters. Our building has become overnight an intelligent building, rational, and therefore totally predictable with respect to the comfort that has thus improved.

You all know what is broken thermostats, thermostats that are inaccessible because you have changed furniture, when the heating stays “on” all day with nobody in the office that day, also “a little thrill in the back” that pushed the thermostat to 23 ° C on a friday after noon and which stayed unchanged for the weekend, the air conditioning running at its mini 18 ° C while building closed the same night, the ventilation system that renews air for the maximum capacity of the building while two thirds of the potential occupants are salespeople who are never at their desks…. all this is over.

Note that the automation solution installed is finally very simple: without going into technical stuff, I know that the automatic algorithms have been easy to define and inexpensive to implement and have even helped to save equipment and simplified capital works.

For lighting the algorithm comes down to:
When there is nobody in the building, that is to say when the building is closed, light is “off”. When there is someone inside, light is “on”, but the amount of light to be provided is a complement provided by the nature.
Also need a clock, a light sensor on the roof of the building with correction charts for rooms looking south, north, east and west.

For the heating it is similar:
We need a clock, an internal temperature sensor, a temperature sensor outside. Our building being originally constructed with excellent insulation, a measure of the inertia of the building was necessary to define the time it has to start to heat each monday morning. The algorithm defined a temperature “fit” between 19 and 21 °C in winter and below 27 °C in summer.
Thus with a temperature kept stable, everyone was perfectly adapted to this stable situation and dress accordingly.

Now you know everything about our “intelligent building” by monitoring and regulating the just necessary consumption, everyone was a winner,

  • the company employees for the simplicity and effectiveness of comfort
  • overhead costs of our company which have significantly been reduced: this is energy efficiency

If like me, you live an experience of this type, daily, thank you for giving me your vision, to see the adjustments and improvements that you have implemented, with your personnel or …

In advance thank you!

Steve Tettoc

PS: I have nothing to sell! I made a simple experience because I am amazed by the gains of such a solution. 


  • That’s quite good and practical, but wish with more specifics.

    Please do send me specifics.

  • this is very impressive and the efficiency can be improved upon, but needs to more explicit and detail.
    kindly send me more details

  • Dear sir:

    this is Hussain yousef I m electrical engineer I have many 20 year from experiences in genaration
    and transmission electrical I woud like to ask if there job vacancy for me in DUBI
    if want send C.V
    best regard

  • That’s quite good and practical;I’m electrical engineer,I’m doing my final year project about Home Automation(KNX,RF and Zigbee) and i wish to send to me some informations about my project
    best regard

  • It is a great! Could you advise me futher details ?
    Let me know website if available.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Seul une solution domotique permet une gestion de batiment intelligente.
    Solution qui a un cout et qui doit être étudié si possible a l’origine du batiment.

    Only a home automation solution enables intelligent building management. This Solution has a cost which must be studied if possible when the building is being designed.

  • sir,
    i m student of architecture college and i m work on my final year project, cyber planet as an intelligent i request u to send me detail information or any catloge or any kind of information which can be helpful for my project.
    thanking you

    • Hello, Md Arshad Khan. i’m also a student in final year .I hope you found help, so can you help me in BMS (building management system) project

  • Hello,
    This approach seems to me completely crazy ! Because based on the idea that all man behaviour is identical! Sorry but it cannot work this way, I would not like to interview the people of your company Mr Steve Tettoc … after 2 years
    I believe that we should design Buildings that give the initiative to all occupants: they will have the intelligence of saving and optimising energy in their own building.
    James C.

  • Definately it a good idea for energy efficiency, and its the right time to wake-up to stop the global warming, we also done the green home by Asia’s Leading Renewable Energy Developer Group- Viyors Energy Corporation, India. they have convert my normal home to GREEN HOME. im really happy to save my 95% electricity bill cost. im thanksfull to Viyors Energy Team.

  • hi…I am an Electrical Engineering Student and I was planning on doing final year project on Electrical Green Building. Can you please send me informations regarding this topic.

  • Good Day Mr. Tettoc!
    Sir I was amaze about the experience of your company regarding energy and money saving solution, can you give a simple explanation about this project. I think this is helpful for our next project & for the future of our small company and also to help others. thank you and more power

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