Energy Management: Google Power Meters

Nowadays, the world is going green and everyone is behind optimising energy and resources. For better energy optimisation, we need to first better know about our energy consumption behaviour. And here comes the concept of energy monitoring tools.

There are multiple energy monitoring tools available in the market such as Dreamwatts, Greenbox, etc. But the whole industry shook its head when Google decided to enter in this field with its free Google Power Meter.

So, what is Google Power Meter? Why it is creating so much buzz?

Google Power Meter

It is a free energy monitoring tool which uses energy information provided by energy monitoring devices and smart utility meters. It is a real time energy monitoring tool which allows you to view your energy consumption from anywhere online, and thus helping you to save energy and money.

Some features of Google Power Meter:

  1. Energy tracking over a period of time
  2. Prediction of costs
  3. Budgeting
  4. Information about always on power appliances
  5. Easily customizable
  6. Compatibility to smart phones

Checking the reviews of Google Power Meter users, it seems that you can save minimum 20% of energy and bills. What is your opinion?

Sudeep S


  • I have been using Google Power Meter for several months and have found it to be quite inaccurate with many days not registering any usage at all. Compared to my bill, it typically reads about 20% low. My utility has ben saying that they have a few bugs to work out since February. By the time I can view the Google Power Meter data, it is 2 days old and only shows total consumption so it’s not much help in determining what causes the jumps in electricity use. In addition, my utility uses tiered billing rates and Google Power Meter provides no useful assistance in predicting my bill as it only allows me to enter one price for KWHr cost. So far it seems like a waste of time.

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  • Google power meter is a next great step of Google towards building community awareness wrt power savings….

  • Google power meter is a new innovation and though it has created much awareness and informed control and management of power utility,it certainly dose not respond effectively to the supply domains and other parameters thus your low reading.Why not stick to the tested and tried systems dear.

  • Could you please recommend some brands for smart meters which can be used with google’s power metering tool?

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