Software for electrical installation

I find the existing software for the calculation of Electrical Installation difficult and long to use. Sometimes, I need to make a simple calculation or verification and I do not need to create a complete network to do it

Recently I have discovered some small calculators, some of them are too much simplified, but I find the idea good. There is for example…

voltage drop calculation from southwire

voltage drop calculation from csgnet

And also recently from  Schneider for the calculation of several figures such as size motor, voltage drop, power factor correction,  curve displayer, protection coordination, …
Sadly that only  Schneider products are proposed

There is also Solutions Electrical, for example for the power factor calculation, but also other electrical engineering topics. It seems correct, but it is not free, so I have not tried it.

Christian Petrov

note: this post has been edited in Sept 2012 to update the links and images


      • im an electrical power engineer working in the field of energy generation and distribution for more than facilityn. if u want any help or needing to discuss about any technical problem you can send me ur mail address to do
        note: im energy saving researcher, if u wish to co-operate i will be very pleased

  • so how really this software works?only calculate or it will help us also for somehow to design.
    explain us if possible thanks everybody.

  • Hello,

    All the software are free. There is no need to download or to install them, they can be used directly from Internet. You should just go to the link that I have provided in my post.

    How it works ?
    For example if I take this one:
    And I take the first calculator “Display protection device curve”,
    I should just enter the input parameters (left side), click on “Display Curve”
    and I have the results in the right side.

    Is it better now ? ;)

    • Hi Mr Christian Petrov. How are you? Im filmark, I would like to ask you if you have an idea for british standard for electrical engineering. in my place in Philippines the standards use is the american sstem which is likely to be different from the british standard. could you help me especially in load design computation and sizing up of transformers. thanks a lot. have a nice day. :)

  • Ok Christian…i agree with you about this software is very usefull and efficient,what if i dont have internet perhaps…is possible to download to my laptop?…i mean, for use it whenever…

  • I’m Diploma Degree an electrical engineering from State Polytechnic of Jakarta, I’m hard worker and I’m already to work in your company.

  • hi,I am Milam.I’m from Dhaka Bangladesh.Now i’m working in Italian Company.I want to be contact any company

  • hi pls could some body suggest me electrical projects i’m a diploma student in final yr pls contact immediately if pls ur frm mumbai then it will be good pls suggest some reliable and cheap projects contact on or immmediately if u hv some topics

  • hi, i want to discuss abt most efficient electrical software,which is mostly used thes days power system network.plz suggest me to learn about the any most efficient software

  • Asalam O Aliekum.
    i am an electrical engineer and doing a job at 132 kv grid station.

  • Amtech is one of the top electrical calculations software packages out there, but very expensive. Solutions electrical is accurate, but not easy to use (can’t even copy paste a circuit on the version I use). There is also ID-Spec from Schnieder for basic distribution design.

    Re copper Bus Bar capacity it’s a peace of copper and you can use the same calculation as for cable calculations.

    Use IET guidance notes for electrical designers for electrical design calculations formulas. Well they’re good for UK engineers anyway. Good luck

    • UK is using which standard? British standards? would you be kind enough to help me find a software for british standard specifically in Kingdom of Bahrain for design load computation and sizing up of three phase transformers. thanks a lot. :)

    • With reference Solutions Electrical I use and would recommend this software to anyone. The software complies with many standards. It is extremely easy to use i could do 10 cable calculations in the time you could 1 with Amtech. No it is not as pretty as Amtech, there again at a third of the cost. what is the most important issue when using electrical design software I would have thought accuracy would be a great place to start. You can see the software features and capabilities at

  • We have problem of over voltage at evening. Unable to export power to grid.
    Kindly suggest solution

    • P MOHAN : could you describe with more details the context of your problem, so we can see if some one could help
      Francois B.

  • Hi, its me Rana Imran ,i am associate engineer.Please guide me in electrical update tech.

  • hi, i’m electrical eng project
    i ever see powerplot software. it’s setting relay coordination software, if u hav it pls give me free

  • i am in a plantation, and having electricity supply problems, anyone could help and more details will be given. thanks.

  • Im a student. Im doing a pure sine wave inverter, but the software(Matlab, Multisim, Proteus) i use to do simulation all lack of Mosfet Driver component, please could u give me some comment what software should i use u making simulation?


  • Regarding Low voltage electrical calculation software, i have been using the software Trace Elec Calc (used to be called Tr-Ciel).
    The software allows you to calculate LV installations according to French standard, NFC15-100 or the Belgian regulations, RGIE.
    Calculations are been made base on the report of CENELEC R064-003
    It works in 3 languages (EN, FR, NL).
    It is isnt related to any manufacturer of electrical apparel (contrary to ECODIAL) so you can perform your calculations and dont have to choose one specific brand in ordrer to complete the calculation.
    You get detailed calculation sheets, a global single line diagram in dwg form.
    If you need more info go to the editor website:

    best of luck for your quest.

    • Hi Mr. Ed Dhe. how are you? I’m Filmark. Can you suggest me a good electrical software for design computation and sizing up of transformers in british standards. thanks for the help sir.

      have a nice day.

      • Dear M. Filmark,

        I’m very well, thank you. I hope that you are also.

        In the UK, the British Standard, BS 7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations) are the national standard to which all domestic and industrial wiring must conform. The 17th edition contains substantial changes to align with European documents.
        If you want your installation to be according this standard then I suggest you buy the standard in order to be sure about how the installation is done (calculated and set-up) according to this standard. To get the standard go the website (

        You could try to find out more about calculations according to British standards based on the following book, also on the IET website( “Electrical Installation Design Guide: Calculations for Electricians and Designers”

        Now regarding a software that does calculations for electrical installations based on the British standard I’m afraid i cannot help you there.
        The software I use, is meant to be used to calculate installations according to either Belgian or French regulations (Note that calculation rules in the software are based on the European guide of calculating Low Voltage installations, R064-003).

        Hoping that my reply will help a bit.

        Best of luck,

        Ed Dhe

  • hi assalam alikum i m fresh electrical engineer i want to work in design but i don hav knowlodge on tis any one help me ….. wat r the software mai i download and hw to learn……. i knew auto cadd…. and also i m seeking job which field is best…….

  • sir i whant electrical degine software free down load links.please inform to me

  • Hi,
    I have a need for software and information regarding designing harmonics filters for 400 Volt 3 phase 50 hz power systems in South Africa. Harmonics is growing by the day and destroys powerfactors. Adding filters for 3rd to 13 th harmonic requires good design knowledge otherwise resonance and overheating can cause havoc.
    Even if someone has profound knowledge and can supply me with this design service, it will be welcome.
    Cobus (

  • hi!m saira,am a fresh electrical engineer from NED University,firstly thank you for these valuable links and information about electrical software..i hope to have a good discussion with you people ahead

  • I’m an electrical and electronic engr and I’ll want to produced an electronic power supply I’ve got the ideas to put it into place but I’ll like someone to join me.

  • im ELecrtical engineer , any one need help in electrical instalation, bank capacitor ,cable calculation, drop voltage calculation , bus bar calculation…….. cantact me ,
    and for the one who use software , some actual case , u cant apply in any software, so all ur result will as an estimated base on the input, in this i advise to return to think as engineer return to your advance study , and take not , and also go over the standard to reach best solution , thats why , you are engineer, not a reader only

      • Well Mohamed let me put it this way, its a self sustaining power inverter that can be used even where there’s no form of electricity power supply, we can talk more through email, Mine, or

    • I am an Electrical Engineer & want to join the CONSTRUCTION FIELD as an electrical Engineer so tell me in more detail how could i get the knowlege of this field and recommend me a software for different calculations e.g load calculations ,size of Switchgear etc etc……………

  • I am a electrical eng. student. Please tell me some free ebook related electrical wiring, planing.
    best wishes…..

  • can u tell the book name related to electrical fields which gives me a lot of knowledge abt electrical…but only one book….

  • Regards to all,
    I am electrical engineer from Croatia. I have expirience to work with small free software like Schneider Ecodial, Chez OEZ and of course with great ABB DOCWin ver 2.0.
    For design electrical network in industry, building and even in distribution (i think this whose primary goal of ABB developers) DOCWin is the best of above.
    All software are familiar with EN, IEC, CIE but not with British Standard or NEC.
    Summarize: i recomended DOCWin and then ECODial, OEZ is very unskilled.

  • i am electrical engineer and interested in the field of switchgear plz if someone having knowledge about switchgear then plz increase my knowledge.

  • @ Filmark

    > UK is using which standard? British standards?

    Sir, in the UK they use (for new installations) the 17th edition of the British standards, BS 7671:2008.
    All the rules on how to size correctly an installation in regards to the safety of persons and goods is given in these regulations.

    >would you be kind enough to help me find a software for british standard specifically in Kingdom of Bahrain for design load computation and sizing up of three phase transformers. thanks a lot. :)

    After a little research on the net there 2 softwares that claim to perform sizing calcultations according to the british standards mentionned above.
    One of them is AMTECH :

    I have never worked with it nor have I been able to get a demo version to try out. It does seems rather expensive but this is all very relative to its usage.

    The other software that i bumpt into for this type of work but again having never tried it I do not know what it is worth or how user friendly it is : CYMAP :

    You should contact the companies commercialising this softwares and try to get a demo version to see if this is what you are looking for.

    All the best


    @ Adildak

    > Hi, freinds! can you tell me fromwhere can I download Tr-ciel?

    Tr-Ciel has changed name, it now called Trace Elec Calc. It can help you size up installations under the following standards NF C 15-100, RGIE-AREI, IEC364, HD 384, CEI 64.

    Message to everybody sizing softwares cost money they dont come free as they’re used in business environnment.
    The most adequate way of acquiring them (and learning how to use them correctly!!) is through your professional activities.

    All the best to all of you


  • Hello,
    Do you know CANECO ? this is a calculation software compliant to many standards : RGIE, BS7671, CEI, VDE, Marine… That’s a french company and they sell their software in many engineers consultancies.
    its included : schematics (Outlet socket, motors, lighting, Battery…) and multi-manufacturers database (Schneider, Hager, Siemens, Legrand…). You just need to input consumption, cable lenght, factor group… and the software did the rest. You will get automatically protective device and cross section.
    More information :

  • we are using power inverters at home and it is connected to 2 lead acid batteries that are reacharged by solar panels :

  • Many thanks for your immidiate response. I have Voltage Drop,Short Circuit calculation and other
    required softwares,but I am on the look out for a software for calculating the filter design/rating/voltage
    and capacitor design voltage, required kvars and its output after reactor effect etc viz inputs of harmonic level %, transformer rating, Kva,Kw, Pf etc whatever is required for the software.

    Could anyone guide me in this regard.The software should be user friendly.


  • hi every body ,
    can any one tell me how to get the solution electrical software pro v.12 for free
    i think it is a good software

  • Tai.
    I am an electrical graduate can some one guide me about the career in electrical field and any required certifications or training for a start up as me?
    Please help me with yuor valuable suggestions.

  • hey every body i think i have a quick solution for you >>
    there is a small software that you can use to find all calculation with simple parameters as wire inf or CB
    or pf and its very easy and efficient its name is BuSBAR
    ill give you its downloading link and its tutorial(video link )
    i hope that ll help
    i dont know how to upload it to you
    i can send them to you by mailing

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