Energy efficiency building software comparison

About Websites referencing energy Efficiency software, I have identified 3 websites that reference energy efficiency software for Buildings. These tools are software applications, excel sheets and others…most of them are free or shareware.

Among the 3 main sites that I found, I prefer the first one for its relevance and its rich content :

  1. Building Energy Software Tools Directory from US: A short description is provided for each tool along with other information including expertise required, users, audience, input, output, computer platforms, programming language, strengths, weaknesses, technical contact, and availability. More than 300 tools are listed
  2. Build-up: Energy solutions for better buildings from Europe:  Same information as above. About 60 tools listed
  3. Intelligent Energy e-library from European commission: Less information than the 2 others websites here above (only an abstract is available) but there’s always a URL link to get more information, a leaflet or manual. More than 450 tools are listed but it includes also guideline, manual books

Each website enables also the user to rate the tool.

I found a lot of interesting energy building software in those lists and most of the time easy to use:  some of them were useful for my job but others were for personal purpose as tools to explore possibilities of energy saving in existing houses

Jean-Paul Genet


  • U.S. Department of Energy directory provides information on 389 building software tools for evaluating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability in buildings.

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