Save time and money by choosing the right cooling system for your electrical enclosures for FREE

More than 50% of failures in electrical enclosures are due to the cooling system! The automatic control of temperature is an essential intervention which guarantees the reliability and service life of your equipment.

Unfortunately, for lack of means, time or expertise, you don’t do calculations which enable you to know and manage your enclosure’s temperature automatically. As a result, the devices in enclosures overheat, they breakdown and make you spend a lot of time and money in fixing your mistakes. Your clients are dissatisfied and endure operating losses that can reach several millions of dollars in some sectors.

Faced with this issue, the worst solutions are: to install a cooling system at random, using the one you use for all your machines from habit, or simply to not install a cooling system at all.

Few weeks ago, we received a mail from a Swiss OEM (original equipment manufacturer) who had installed for a client located in Asia the same equipment as he used to install in Europe, with the same cooling equipment inside. Once he did, he noticed that the equipment was over-heating, and after analysis it appeared that the air conditioner capacity wasn’t high enough to maintain the proper temperature inside the equipment, because of high ambient on-site temperatures. And he even faced some power failures in some of these equipments before the problem was fully identified.

His reaction after that was to order and install a second air conditioner in addition to the first one, on the same enclosures. This solution did solve the overheating issue, but the OEM had to support the extra-cost for the second air conditioner, while after a proper thermal calculation was done it appeared that adding a second air conditioner was a very over-dimensioned solution.

If he had done the thermal calculations before the assembly, from the beginning, he would have installed only one air conditioner, with just a slighty higher capacity that the first one (+10%). Thus, he would have saved most of the additional costs needed by another installation for the client and the recurring costs needed for maintenance of two air conditioners. All that cost him an arm and a leg!


As you will have understood, to avoid failures and overheat of the devices in your electrical enclosures, the key lies in ANTICIPATION. That’s why we propose you to download right now an easy and rapid software for free, that will help you to find the right cooling system to block failures caused by thermal issues.




Helpful Hints from the Electrical Engineering Community (ECC):

  • This software has been conceived by Schneider Electric’s engineers in order to promote their products and their sales. Yet, we discovered that the software can be used for any types of enclosures if you choose the option “Other cases” from the first step (“Enclosure” tab).
  • You can use the software 19 times. To get the unlimited version, you’ll simply have to register for free.
  • This software is available in English, French, German and Spanish.
    • There must be few other softwares of that kind, don’t hesitate and introduce them to us in the comments.




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