Cable trays: even faster to install


There is no lack of innovation in the field of cable management systems for wires, cables and optical fibers.  Not so surprising as cable management systems represent a significant cost in labor and are key to the networks distribution strategy.

One could think that cable trays in steel wire or in sheet metal have reached a peak in innovation. Manufacturers are always launching new functions or new assembly methods in order to stand out in a very competitive market. The overall trend is the simplification of ranges and thus the speed of installation. Distributors (who want to stock references and accessories always more polyvalent and less bulky), installers and their subcontractors (in permanent search of saving time on the worksite) are directly concerned.

Intuitive and no cut-out assembly

CTS with its brand CES, proposes for example intuitive assembly solutions while trying to limit the need for cut-outs as much as possible. Cut-outs constitute indeed a waste of time and increase the risks of accidents. Besides, this manufacturer should soon launch a significant improvement for the standard rail 41x41mm, integrating more functions… and fewer accessories.

Gewiss offers a variable-angle elbow named Maricurve that adjusts without cut-outs. A plier or a hammer are sufficient to initiate the needed deformation and to adapt the angle at the worksite. All this based on one single element delivered straight. This accessory ensures an automatic coupling and guarantees ground continuity.

Gewiss: a variable-angle elbow can be adapted for every situation on the worksite.

It’s an interesting idea to reduce the number of references and increase the polyvalence of solutions. Gewiss also suggests to replace hot-dip galvanized cable tray elements by components with a zinc + aluminum coating so that,

even the element is cut, the metal stays protected at its end because of the effect of galvanic coupling. According to Gewiss, this surface treatment offers a resistance four times higher than hot-dip galvanized!

Legrand works on its part for integrated connection solutions between cable tray sections and particularly for assembly methods that don’t require any tool.

Taking care of optic fiber

Since 2 years, Panduit has been developing cable management solutions for optic fibers and copper cables for computer rooms from 50 to 100m². The American manufacturer has developed relations with electricians for computer room projects, particularly in the context of energy issues.

Gewiss: The high protection zinc + aluminium coating of this cable tray offers a strong protection for aggressive atmospheres.

Launched recently, Wyr-Grid is a wire cable tray without edges on top. Only small edges below the tray ensure the rigidity, thus a reduction in the number of cut-outs required for the assembly of elements at the worksite. In order to maintain the cables, it is even possible to add at will side clips to avoid any overflowing. According to Panduit, this concept permits to save until 50% of implementation time. Not to forget the fast fixing of pre-connected cassettes or even derivation accessories respecting the data cable’s bend radius. This wire cable tray brings an added value for optic fiber, knowing it is compatible with Fiber-Runner solution. It can also be used for routing of power cables.

Saving time for hanging

An alternative to the threaded rod is the system of suspension by hangers. Adjustable without tools, Gripple Express doesn’t need the small key previously required to adjust the length of the cable: the operation can be made by hand with 2 pushbuttons arranged at each end. Besides, Gripple has recently launched an alternative to the profile standard 41x41mm:  catenary kits assume the role of the primary structure for the support of cable trays (or other M&E services).


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