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Transient Response Analysis of Control Systems

April 8th, 2014 | Make a comment | Posted in Panel Building
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Check our loyal member Nasir’s last article from his tutorial on Control Systems.


As we discussed earlier there are two ways to analyze the functioning of a control system, time domain and frequency domain analysis. In time-domain analysis the response of a dynamic system to an input is expressed as a function of time. The time response can only be analyzed when the model of system plus nature of input signals are known.

AS the input signals are usually not comprehended completely ahead of time, it is difficult to express the input signals through simple mathematical equations. The behavior of a system that is dynamic in nature is analyzed under typical test signals. These signals are an impulse, a step, a constant velocity and constant acceleration. Another signal is sinusoidal which is of great importance.

There are two components of time response of a system:

  1. Steady-state response
  2. Transient response

Transient Response Analysis of Control Systems1


Time Domain Analysis of Control Systems

March 18th, 2014 | 1 Comment | Posted in Panel Building
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New part of Nasir’s tutorial on Control Systems. You too can send us your articles, debates, experiments or tutorials.


In our earlier articles we discussed about control systems. The system, in which, we arrange and combine constituents in such a way that our desired output is obtained.

Also, the system is controlled so that the stability of system in not disturbed in any span of time. It depends upon two factors:

  1. Desired output
  2. Stability

Time Domain Analysis of Control Systems 1


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