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Usefulness and shortcomings of the power system contingencies

August 14th, 2013 | Make a comment | Posted in Power quality
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Results and Use

Usefulness and shortcomings of the power system contingencies 1

CA results of each element of the power system being studied are evaluated against the safe operation and stability limit for that element.

All the violations are recorded in the form of a list and ranked as per the severity of the situation with the highly overloaded elements on the top of the list.

The major and immediate attention requiring problems are usually covered up in the first 50 violations of the list.

For some elements there can be two limits, one short term and the other long term thermal limit. An example is the effect of the ambient temperature and the overload duration on the operating limits of the transformer and transmission lines within the safe range.

Depending on the operating state and the configuration of the power system whether the load being light, medium or heavy, stability limits can also be present for lines and interconnections. For CA to check these limits it is required by the user to select these options.


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