Why is Laser Technology Important?

Ever since laser technology came out, it has been increasing its presence in many different fields. There is not a day that goes by where we don’t actually see one in use, in many places that we go to. It can be at the office, where we use laser printers, or at the supermarket where they use barcode scanners. Laser technology is part of our daily lives, and its presence is bound to continue to grow.

What is Laser Technology?

There is no simple way of explaining the technology. The term itself means “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” (LASER). It is an electromagnetic radiation that sends an equal amount of light (frequency and wavelength). It fuses them together into what is considered to be a high-energy, highly coherent light pulse. In order to be functional, they need laser optics, which can be acquired at pleiger-laseroptik.de

How did Laser Technology come into our Lives?

The invention of the laser technology dates back to 1960. Back then, it used sapphire crystals, and they were not as powerful as the technology is today, using other types of lasers, such as gas, liquid or semiconductor lasers. Yet, the principle of the leaser remains the same in all of them. Nowadays, semiconductors are used most of the time, which are more powerful. For example, they are used in compact disc readers, in optical disk drives, for cutting and welding materials, and also in semiconducting chip manufacturing.

What is the Future of Laser Technology?

Technology is advancing so fast that it is hard to remain up-to-date on what is going on with it, in the world. It makes it that much more difficult to say what laser technology will bring to us in the future, if not one that is close by.

Holograms will invade Our Home

We can safely imagine that the technology of holograms will become available to everyone within the next twenty years. Instead of watching a regular movie, you may be able to look at holograms that are acting directly inside your living room. There is already a box that was launched a few months back, where you can see the person that you are talking to, in real-time, as a hologram inside.

We will be able to insert Every Technology that We use on a Single Chip

Imagine leaving home in the morning with a single chip located on your hand. That one item could act as your phone and contain all the information that you need for everything in your life, from the whole content of your computer, to the simplest things as your bus and metro pass. It would also serve as your method of payment anywhere that you would go, without having to do anything. Even your medical files could be on it, only to be opened by your doctor, when you visit him. This is how important laser technology is to us. We can only wait and see how much easier it will make our life in the future.