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This newsletter is the last you'll ever receive in 2017. That is the reason why we decided to make a list of the most popular articles published in the blog this year.

Please note that they are ranked in terms of traffic (number of visits) and also in terms of exchange quality (number of comments).

Checking phase sequence of 3 phase supply

It is always important to ensure that the incoming 3-phase conductors have the correct phase sequence before connecting new equipment or before reconnecting motors after maintenance.
This might not be obvious by visual inspection, hence the need for a reliable tool. The two commonly used methods are the rotating phase-sequence meter or the static phase-sequence indicator.

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Switchboard and switchgear functions and differences

The switchboard and switchgear are two important systems that control how power is delivered to electrical circuits. The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.
However, it is important to note that they perform different functions and usually designed to work together in series so as to provide the maximum coordination and protection.

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3 Different ways to Improve the Power Factor

Power factor is a very common term in electrical applications because it determines the efficiency of an electrical system.
It is quite important that the power factor remains close to unity because it indicates higher efficiency of the system.
So, in this article let's reveal the 3 different ways to improve the power factor which are widely used in industrial systems.

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Preparation and Benefits of Electrical Load Schedule

The load schedule, which should be done at the installation design stage, is determined through calculations. In some cases, this should be done with the future in mind, especially if there are foreseen additional loads.
Preparing the schedule requires a list all the equipment or loads together and all associated ratings and parameters.

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Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Nicola Tesla dreamed of finding a more efficient way than cables to transfer electricity.
In 1891 in the Colorado Springs Lab Nicola Tesla managed to light some bulbs wirelessly placed 18 meter from the power source and this was the first time to successfully transfer electricity wirelessly.
In this article we are discussing wireless power transfer principle, problems against its prevalence and its common applications.

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TOP 3 Best Medium Voltage technical guides

You're working on MV electrical installations? These require equipments as well as a specific technical setting up to be efficient.
Check this article comparing 3 technical guides that deal with medium voltage electrical installation according to the standards to apply in 2017. Each of them has been written by a team of experts working for 3 major manufacturers.
These documents are perfect if you need a clear and efficient technical support.

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The Electrical Engineering Community Online Resources

For the end of year 2017, what about a recap of all the amazing online resources you can find on Electrical Engineering Community blog? We have several dedicated areas with FREE resources shared by our moderator team and sometimes by you our fellows members. Take a look at it below:

Download the 3 Best Medium Voltage technical guides of Year 2017

In June 2017, we told you about the 3 best MV technical guides online and made a comparative table as well.

These 3 technical guides deal with medium voltage electrical installation according to the standards to apply in 2017. Each of them has been written by a team of experts working for 3 major manufacturers. These resources are a perfect memo for anyone needing a clear and efficient technical support.

How well do these documents technically support panel builders, specifiers, and other users to deal with MV power devices and their atmospheric conditions of use? DOWNLOAD for more details!

LED Lighting Resources area

Do you remember when we warned you about LED lighting through an article revealing 2 major issues linked to its use?

Well, further to that action, we opened a "LED lighting resources area" on the blog which lists all the resources about these problems. You'll also find resources about the solutions to apply on this page. These solutions have been laboratory-tested and validated by several teams of experts.

The password to access to this exclusive documents is sent to those who sent us an email with details about the difficulties they encountered in their installations with LED luminaires. We also sent it to those who never had any issue because sharing knowledge is important!

Are you interested in this area? If yes, get the password by sending us an email here to tell us your experience with LED luminaires.

Our other online resources...
1) The Electrical Calculation Tools sharing area with almost a hundred of calculation tools shared by our dear members.

We just can't list all the resources we have on the EEC blog so here's a quick reminder of the other online resources areas available:

1) The Electrical Calculation Tools sharing area with almost a hundred of calculation tools shared by our dear members.

2) The Load shedding guide (17 pages for FREE!) which addresses electricians or contractors who need to boost their business by 20% (on the panel board), in residential & small commercial buildings.

3)The PowerFacAging calculator which has been downloaded thousands times!

Best wishes to you all! Hopefully year 2018 will be a year of bulk sharing between the members of the Electrical Engineering Community!

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