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For July 2017, let's focus on the articles published in the category "Panel Building".

Have you read some of the articles published there lately? If you haven't, here're the 3 latest articles from the category:

1. Common problems in medium voltage switchgear

2. Raceways in internal installations

3. 12 common errors in an Electrical Installation (and solutions)

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1. Immerge water heater in a metal cup; is it dangerous?

2. Are EMI and EMC filters the same thing?

3. Is there any difference between avalanche diode and recovery diode?

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TOP 3 Best Medium Voltage technical guides

You're working on MV electrical installations? These require equipments as well as a specific technical setting up to be efficient.
Check this article comparing 3 technical guides that deal with medium voltage electrical installation according to the standards to apply in 2017. Each of them has been written by a team of experts working for 3 major manufacturers.

These documents are perfect if you need a clear and efficient technical support and their comparison is based on:

  • The quality and the relevance of the information on designing rules for MV
  • The quality and the relevance of the information on designing rules for switchgear and power transformers
  • The quality and the relevance of the information on the evolution of MV standards
  • The desire to edit an informative guide first instead of a products catalog only
  • How well do these documents technically support panel builders, specifiers, and other users to deal with MV power devices and their atmospheric conditions of use? Check our comparison table!

    Circuit protection devices: Fuses, Limiters, Breakers

    The Key word in circuit protection devices is PROTECTION.

    So what we can do to make our electrical circuit safe? Hopefully, we have devices that protect our electric circuits with.

    What's your impressions on that back to basics type of article? Do you have anything to add?

    Capacitor bank switching (back to basics)

    The continuous growth of the electricity demand in the heavy industry, regarding the installation of large motors in the system, involves the increase of the reactive power consumption due to the typical power factor in steady-state and during the motor starting.

    As a result, the transmission and distribution system undergoes low voltage profiles, as well as losses in transmission lines and power transformers. Installing capacitor banks, as a local reactive source is a solution to avoid it.

    What are the common problems in MV switchgear? Read this article to find out!


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