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Let's focus on "Top # articles" that you can find in any category of the blog. This idea comes from the members of the Electrical Engineering Community whi naturally sent us this kind of article.

Here's a selection of articles written with a "Top #" structure:

1. Top 10 Power Quality Problems (explanation, consequences & solutions)

2. Top 10 most prominent grounding systems for industrial sectors

3. 8 Top Most Advantages of Automated Power Distribution

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This month let us introduce you one of our community members: Marvin M

  • A former worker at a local construction (bridges and water systems), now article writer
  • From Nairobi, Kenya
  • Everything about substations, power generation and distribution, and particularly alternative energy are the subjects which interest him the most
  • Visits the forum often to keep himself updated because in his opinion the EEC has carved a solid niche and contains informative data to tackle almost every aspect of electrical engineering
  • Thinks that what's lacking in the community is interaction between the participants, who could even more engage in mutually beneficial interactions in the electrical engineering field, so that everybody can know of the latest trends, gadgets and procedures in the field

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    TOP 3 Best Medium Voltage technical guides

    As panel builders, electrical engineers, technicians, students or designers, you are led to work on MV electrical installations. These require equipments as well as a specific technical setting up to be efficient.

    The setting up and the standards evolves together and to be up to date with the procedure to follow is becoming difficult. Furthermore, the quality of such an installation depends on several factors which have their own importance. Because of this, you sometimes encounter difficulties to summarize this technical information and it becomes hard for you to put them into practice during your daily interventions.

    The consequences on your efficiency in the field are immediate: you lose time making researches to be up to date; you propose installations that you master only to your clients, and these are not conform to standards which also means non-optimized nor safe.

    Stop enduring this situation! Just for you, we've searched and gone through several free technical guides available online. Further to our investigation, we've selected the best 3 and we've awarded them a gold, silver and bronze medal.

    These 3 technical guides deal with medium voltage electrical installation according to the standards to apply in 2017. Each of them has been written by a team of experts working for 3 major manufacturers. These resources are a perfect memo for anyone needing a clear and efficient technical support.

    Find the results of our investigations thanks to the comparative table below. We've taken few criteria into account to decide which guide deserved to be on the podium:

  • The quality and the relevance of the information on designing rules for MV
  • The quality and the relevance of the information on designing rules for switchgear and power transformers
  • The quality and the relevance of the information on the evolution of MV standards
  • The desire to edit an informative guide first instead of a products catalog only

  • How well do these documents technically support panel builders, specifiers, and other users to deal with MV power devices and their atmospheric conditions of use?

    Check the rating of the different MV Guides below and find out which one is the winner:
    VIEW the complete rating and find out the winner

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